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The Costa Paradiso Holiday Apartment Complex is pleased to welcome you to the resort area of the Ravenna coast beaches, the right place for a holiday filled with sunshine, sea, sports, fun and culture.
The ideal place for both families and young people to stay on the Romagna Riviera, in Lido Adriano, where you will find numerous bathing establishments, sports facilities, water parks, amusement parks and swimming pools.



  • Seaside holidays in Romagna!
  • The best price!
  • As comfortable as a flat... plus the services of a hotel!
  • Ravenna, the city of mosaics
  • 2015 Blue and Green Flag
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  • 两人两居室套房- 日付
  • Seaside holidays in Romagna The Costa Paradiso Holiday Apartment Complex is the perfect spot for your seaside holidays in Romagna. World-renowned as the Italian capital of fun, the Romagna Riviera offers vast and well-equipped sandy beaches, fun and amusements of all kinds and a sea that is easy to enjoy at any age.

    The right kind of sea for the whole family and for the entire summer; its bathing season goes from April to the end of September and there are bathing establishments to suit all pockets and every kind of need. Beach umbrellas, beach chairs, sun loungers, relaxation areas, twin-hull pleasure boats, pedal boats and canoes, beach volleyball courts and beach soccer fields, play areas for children and much more are provided on these beautiful beaches.

    Choosing the Romagna Riviera for your holidays means having the best in terms of services and opportunities at an accessible price that is decidedly lower in relation to the quality of your stay, to the beauty of the sea and to the warmth of the sun and of the people of Romagna.

  • inglese     The Costa Paradiso resort opens the season when true and transparent discounts are duly applied to rates. The largest discounts apply at the beginning of the year and decrease as your desired stay date approaches. Book now if you wish to save as much as possible. The earlier, the better. The earlier you book, the less you spend! UP TO 40% DISCOUNT
  • comfortable Costa Paradiso… individual bedrooms; living-room with kitchenette so that you freely choose how to enjoy your holidays- prepare your own meals any time you want and enjoy them sitting at a table and chairs on the deck. The hotel services… you will be welcomed with all beds ready for your party, plus towels and complimentary bathroom sets. And if during your stay you simply wish to rest and relax, ask for the hotel services and your flat will be cleaned every day. If you are not too fond of cooking, order takeaway set menus from our restaurant, ‘La Pritona’, or dine at our wonderful garden while enjoying the music from our piano bar.
  • Ravenna, the city of mosaics A city of unparalleled charm, Ravenna has antique origins and a glorious past having been three times the capital: of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Roman-Barbarian kingdom of Teodorico, and finally, the seat of power to The city is a real treasure trove representing some the high points in the history of art.Byzantium in the West through the Exarchate. The Eight Monuments of Ravenna. Firstly, San Vitale and the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and hold the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the fifth and sixth centuries. The Byzantine and Paleo-Christian basilicas, the baptisteries, Romanesque churches, the cylindrical campaniles of the tenth and eleventh centuries, the frescoes by Giotto of Santa Chiara, the crypts, the places of ultimate refuge of Dante Alighieri, buildings and cloisters of Renaissance architecture left by the Venetians, elegant seventeenth and eighteenth century palaces in the centre, the new precious discovery of the Domus of Stone Carpets archaeological areas in the Classe vicinity which continue to display important evidence of the antique Port of Augusto, all render Ravenna "the city of art par excellence." Ravenna is a city that does not, however, remained motionless in relation to the past, but is dynamic in relation to the present with future plans to accept new and ambitious challenges, such as the canditature for 2019 for Ravenna as European Capital City of Culture, in this way claiming its place as a cultural and artistic centre. The elegant centre that runs in winding streets - now dotted with elegant shops – is reminiscent of a past central lagoon. With a charming view of the city walls and crossed by slow waterways, which were closed at the end of the 1400’s thereby creating new spaces which could be dedicated to the city, like the one that hosts the elegant square, Piazza del Popolo today.
  • 2013 Blue Flag
    In 2015 the Ravenna coast beaches, including those in Lido Adriano, were once again awarded the prestigious Blue Flag, and this new honour represents a bonus to the varied tourist offerings of our beaches, always at the forefront of the world’s new trends, while giving a wink to the art city of Ravenna and its 8 World Heritage sites. The Costa Paradiso Holiday Apartment Complex is located just 5 km away from downtown Ravenna, 5 km from downtown Marina di Ravenna, and 3 km from the spa centres in Punta Marina. Tour around these areas on the free bicycles available for our guests, riding along the several cycling paths and routes.
    Emilia Romagna, the best beaches for children, recommended by pediatricians!
  • City Sightseeing - Ravenna
  •  Residence Costa Paradiso - Ravenna € 20,00
    Residene Costa Paradiso - Marina di Ravenna € 15,00
    Residence Costa Paradiso - Mirabilandia € 40,00
    Residence Costa Paradiso - Rimini € 110,00
    Residence Costa Paradiso - Bologna € 140,00
  • 该公寓设有双人床或两张单人床卧室带小厨房的浴室配淋浴房。此外,公寓还配有空调、卫星电视以及带桌子和椅子的阳台,另可为02岁的儿童添置摇篮。 价格包括单和毛巾的供应;所有的能源消费;内设的私人停车场;开放期间使用游泳池;在免费海滩使用的一把沙滩阳伞和沙滩浴巾。


    该公寓设有双人床或两张单人床卧室;应宾客要求,第三张床可添加至卧室或带小厨房的客厅里;浴室(配淋浴房)。此外,公寓还配有空调、卫星电视以及带桌子和椅子的阳台,另可为02岁的儿童添置摇篮。 价格包括单和毛巾的供应;所有的能源消费;内设的私人停车场;开放期间使用游泳池;在免费海滩使用的一把沙滩阳伞和沙滩浴巾。


    该公寓设有双人床或两张单人床卧室;配有两张单人床和小厨房的客厅;浴室(配淋浴房)。此外,公寓还配有空调、卫星电视以及带桌子和椅子的阳台,另可为02岁的儿童添置摇篮。 价格包括单和毛巾的供应;所有的能源消费;内设的私人停车场;开放期间使用游泳池;在免费海滩使用的一把沙滩阳伞和沙滩浴巾。


    该公寓设有双人床或两张单人床卧室;配有三张单人床和小厨房的客厅;浴室(配淋浴房)。此外,公寓还配有空调、卫星电视以及带桌子和椅子的阳台,另可为02岁的儿童添置摇篮。 价格包括单和毛巾的供应;所有的能源消费;内设的私人停车场;开放期间使用游泳池;在免费海滩使用的一把沙滩阳伞和沙滩浴巾。


The Costa Paradiso Holiday Apartment Complex is located in the Emilia-Romagna region, in the province of Ravenna (which is just 12 km away). It is located in the seaside resort area of the Ravenna coast beaches, in the heart of the Romagna Riviera, on the peaceful Adriatic coasts. The area is rich in attractions for both adults and children, offering public as well as equipped beaches, water parks and all types of sports, swimming pools, tennis courts, sailing clubs and skating rinks.

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